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If you are interested in becoming a supplier for New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group, you will find information here.

NJCAOG was formed over 25 years ago to help combat the rising costs of heating oil. We have since grown into an established business with thousands of members and a growing number of suppliers statewide.

As an agent for thousands of members, the Oil Group negotiates a fixed mark-up above the wholesale price with local dealers. After joining, members are assigned a supplier, then they simply call the supplier and make arrangements for fuel delivery, but at the Oil Group's price. We also offer friendly customer assistance, which means less hassle for you.

We connect consumers with suppliers throughout the state of New Jersey. Our Non-Profit status and connections to over 100 afiliated organizations and unions makes us a recognizable and trusted name in the community. We have direct access and marketing connections that are not available to most retailers.


Becoming a Supplier

If you want to be a proud member of our team and help New Jersey consumers stay warm, please contact the Oil Group at 800-464-8465, or email us here. Someone from our organization will be in contact with you shortly.

Also please download NJCAOG's Supplier Brochure and complete our Information Request Form, which you can directly submit to us online using the following:

 NJCAOG Supplier Information Request Form 
Business Name
Contact Name
Coverage Areas (Counties / Towns)
Phone Number with Area Code
Email Address
How did you hear about us?
Delivery Options (please check all that you offer)
 Automatic    Will Call    Other
Payment Options (please check all that you offer)
 20 Day Billing    Budget Plan
 Check/MO    Credit Card
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Please answer the following questions:

Do you provide service plans?
Do you provide tank coverage?
Do you provide tank removal / remediation?


Supplier Inquiries

Wende Nachman
Oil Group Director
New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group
1040 Kings Highway, Suite 308
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


Phone: 1-800-464-8465 or 856-966-3095 ext. 202
Fax: 856-414-1054

New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group
1040 Kings Highway N., Suite 308
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Phone: 1-800-464-8465
Fax: 856-414-1054
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