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We are excited to provide our suppliers with direct access to their Oil Group accounts, contracts, and website content.

Now you and your employees can access the Oil Group membership information you need, when you need it. You will even be able to add notes to a customer's account page if you have information you want to share with us.

You and your employees may fill out and submit the form below. Then, once it is verified and approved by the Oil Group, all the information you need will be at your fingertips!

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Supplier Inquiries

Wende Nachman
Oil Group Director
New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group
1040 Kings Highway, Suite 308
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


Phone: 1-800-464-8465 or 856-966-3095 ext. 202
Fax: 856-414-1054

New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group
1040 Kings Highway N., Suite 308
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Phone: 1-800-464-8465
Fax: 856-414-1054
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